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RIB-ROOF standing seam profiles for modern stadia

Russia has its most important stadium for the World Cup back. After four years of construction, life is returning to the Lushniki Stadium, named after the eponymous Moscow district, at its location about 10 km southwest of the Kremlin on the Moskva River. It is at this venue that world champions Germany are determined to defend their title in the 2018 World Cup final. With space for 81,000 spectators, Russia’s largest football stadium is classified as a category 4 UEFA stadium, the highest rank in the European Football Association.

Lightweight metal elements offer unlimited design opportunities

Reconstruction and expansion involved removing the old stands at the sports facility. RIB-ROOF metal roof profiles Speed 500 were used to build the new modern roof structure. The beams of the transparent polycarbonate panels were covered with RIB-ROOF. We were commissioned with the entire works and construction planning for the approx. 12,000 sqm, inwardly sloping and round roof area. The metal roof systems offer excellent material properties as well as a wide range of shaping options and good structural-physical characteristics. Light absorption lends the surface visually fascinating and lively structures. Lightweight metal construction elements enable an inexhaustible variety of designs, which we use to fashion contemporary and timeless architecture, combined with their proven properties.

In addition to the Russian stadium, we have already completed many other European arenas with RIB-ROOF standing seam profiles. The Dinamo Stadium in Minsk, Belarus, the Puskas Ferenc Stadium in Budapest, the Arena Lviv in the Ukraine, the Wörthersee Stadium in Klagenfurt and the WWK Arena in Augsburg are just a few examples of the technically and aesthetically convincing stadiums we have built.

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