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The simple approach to complexity.

The idea behind a façade holds great potential. The riddle of how to construct the building envelope begins during the first discussion between the architect and client. Metal façades from Zambelli give you the necessary leeway to enable you to focus on your architectural concept. After all, the variability and lightness of a metal façade ensure that the desired exterior can be implemented in every building.

With Zambelli as your partner for the entire building envelope, you opt competence and vigour. Our façade solution frees up your mind. We consider your idea without adding a “but”. Since the broad range of Zambelli product delivers the right answer to any question of structural physics, energy efficiency and economy while maintaining a clear focus on creative aesthetics. Your metal façade can be transparent, create three-dimensional structures, simulate organic surfaces or reflect individual textures. Zambelli façade solutions make all this possible.

Ventilated front
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New builds &
All building types &
Excellent design
Individual colours &
Detail concepts
Long service life
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susceptibility to damage
façade cladding
Energy efficient
building envelope
Resource efficiency

Optical all-rounder.

The design process with Zambelli metal façades is a sheer joy. After all, the materials we use inspire creativity. A wide choice of colour coatings, surface finishings or screen printing make your façade truly individual. Give every building its unique character!

Colours set the right mood for architectural styles. From cool modernism to pop art and warm earthy tones, the Zambelli colour spectrum includes every shade you could possibly imagine. We produce your façade in all colours, lacquers and anodised finishes. Our coatings meet the highest requirements for weathering and corrosion resistance. Thus you will be able to appreciate the colours even after many years.

Fast individuality.

RIB-ROOF profiled sheets are suitable for the entire building envelope. Customers receive a façade that is fastened penetration-free and that delivers all the benefits of roll-formed profiling. For more than 30 years, RIB-ROOF profiled sheets have been used around the world to create complex roof structures with absolute functional reliability. Starting now, you can enjoy all the advantages of the Zambelli metal roofing systems to design the entire building envelope as well: limitless profiled sheet lengths, large metal and surface variety, implementation of complex geometries, short planning and installation times, access to a wide and deep range of accessories, including solar solutions.


The design selection depends on the used material, desired cut and profile geometry.

  • RAL strip coatings for steel and aluminium
  • Perforated materials possible for steel and aluminium
  • Refinement of aluminium to reduce light reflection or imitate pre-weathered metal surfaces

Uncomplicated & safe.

All components of a RIB-ROOF building envelope are fixed without penetration. The direct sheet clip assembly developed by Zambelli ensures a simple planning process and a smooth installation procedure. All sheets are joined using a sliding seam, eliminating the need for mechanical creasing.


  • Perforation-free installation
  • Holding clips for concealed fastening points
  • Sliding seam for free thermal expansion

Special features.

  • Mobile roll formers for on-site profiling if necessary
  • Range of system accessories

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