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    Our location in Romania.Sf. Gheorghe
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Built for warmth.

With its three locations in Germany, the Czech Republic and Romania, Zambelli is committed to the production of water-bearing boilers, boiler casings and accessories. From the circuit board to the ready-to-ship heater, our customers have numerous options to put their – often specific – ideas into practice. The results are convincing and testify to the comprehensive competence and knowledge of our experts.

Zambelli heating technology belongs to the Zambelli Group with over 1,200 employees in four European countries. Zambelli also leads the market in the areas of roof drainage, building envelope, shelving systems, caravanning and industrial metalworking.

Our mission.

Zambelli is a customer-oriented manufacturer of water-bearing boilers, design stoves and chimney inserts, as well as boiler claddings and accessories made of metal. From the design of the cladding parts and the supply of individual assemblies to the manufacture of complete heating and design chimneys, Zambelli is there to assist with quality, competence and innovative spirit at three locations.

“I am delighted to have a partner who contributes their entire expertise to our joint efforts to develop simple, efficient solutions. One who grows with me and guarantees optimised value for money with their innovative drive. Who also finds innovative ways to put my ideas into practice and in doing so ensures our mutual, long-term success.”

Czech Republic

Our locations.

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