The gutter hook set is a persuasively handy application


We specially designed the new gutter hook set for sandwich panels for use in industrial hall construction. It is a technically flawless, visually attractive and durable solution. A uniquely shaped product on the market, our gutter hook set is a functioning, simple and easy-to-install method that is mounted according to precise specifications that make bespoke solutions from professional tradesmen superfluous.

Even inexperienced fitters will manage the installation: the simple, predefined installation of the two components, the top bracket holder and the gutter hook matching the shape of the sandwich panels eliminate potential sources of error and enable significant time savings compared to other applications.

As soon as the gutter hooks are fitted, the method of installing the gutter is identical to other standard procedures.

A truly persuasive system with clear practical benefits: For example, we roofed the complete training ground of the curling champions EC Sassbach e.V. from Waldkirchen in Bavaria to enable year-round training sessions. The roof was covered with sandwich panels, in which the innovative gutter hook set was combined with a matching solution for roof drainage.

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