Latest innovation: Zambelli Pazio


Zambelli Pazio is a bookcase and usable surface in one. The book stocks are placed around the freely designable usable surface. Divided in the middle, two side walls can be opened by electric motor – creating a two-sided entrance. The shelves move silently and are controlled by manual switch, mobile app or PC.

Customers can always design the inner life of the Zambelli Pazio any way they like. A proven option is to create sound-insulated reading islands. A cooperation with COR Sitzmöbel was launched to design the inner life.

The product therefore brings together all the best aspects of premium library equipment:

The pre-eminent technology of Zambelli movable shelving fixtures, the excellent functional versatility of Zambelli library shelving and the high-quality interior design of COR Sitzmöbel.

Zambelli Pazio can be combined with all Zambelli library fixtures. Besides individual options for colour, a variety of materials can be selected and combined for the fixtures as well. Customers can choose their own preferences for the inner life of the Zambelli Pazio, e.g. as a reading lounge, workplace or meeting room etc. The new product can be retrofitted at any time and in any room. By installing Zambelli Pazio, you create space for visitors to linger undisturbed without any loss of capacity, while gaining entirely new possibilities for your room layout.

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