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Training specialists. Shaping the future.

Developed on its own initiative, Zambelli offers interested applicants the opportunity to complete a dual apprenticeship based on the German education system at its site in Sf. Gheorghe, Romania.
The innovative project specifically supports young people in the region, providing sound, high-quality and demanding training to counteract the widespread shortage of skilled workers.

Zambelli gives young applicants the opportunity to complete a recognised apprenticeship in a down-to-earth, family-run company – which establishes a strong bond and hence lays the foundation for excellent diversity in the company structures going forward.

Well-prepared for tomorrow.

The dual system of vocational education at Zambelli metal s.r.l. on the company‘s premises in Sf. Gheorghe offers a great combination of practical training and theory. Learning by doing is the priority at all times.

  • Practical training at the company
  • Theoretical part at vocational college and through in-house courses
  • Length of the apprenticeship: 3 years
  • Qualified training in welding technology (diploma, equivalent to the German journeyman’s certificate)
  • Good prospects of a full position after graduation
  • Appropriate salary during the apprenticeship
  • Work apparel and much more
  • Payment of (some) college costs by Zambelli


  • Solid training
  • Initial professional experience
  • High practical relevance
  • Attractive salary
  • Strong probability of a full-time position
  • Wide range of further training opportunities
  • Varied work

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Zambelli metal s.r.l.
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