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Leave it up to the real professionals.

Customer satisfaction is the top priority at Zambelli. So we only believe that our work is done once we have satisfied all of our customers’ requirements. This is also the reason why our in-house fitters complete final assembly of individual components right through to the finished product, for example a heater we are preparing for sale. Among other things, our set of services includes leak test on the structural integrity of appliances to make certain they are unaffected by ambient air. Zambelli fitters also look after the commissioning of the electrical components, including the necessary software installation.

Your benefits at a glance.

  • Zambelli as a full-service partner
  • Complete or partial in-house assembly
  • Quick and cost-efficient order fulfilment
  • Long-standing experience & competence

Zambelli Holding GmbH Passauer Straße 3+5, D-94481 Grafenau/Haus im Wald

Phone +49 85 55 409 0