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Heating technology from a single source.

Throughout Germany and abroad, many prestigious manufacturers of heating technology and equipment trust in the competence, experience and know-how of Zambelli. As a service provider, we pay the utmost attention to the specific wishes and requirements of our customers and support them to the best of our ability in the design and implementation of their specifications. In doing so, we draw on a broad spectrum: from the circuit board to the ready-to-ship heater, including electronics, wiring or powder coating of the cladding parts, there is nothing to stop us putting our customers’ requirements into practice.

You make big plans – we complete them together!

Your benefits at a glance.

  • Zambelli delivers end-to-end solutions.
    From the circuit board to the ready-to-ship heating device
  • Long-standing experience.
    We know our business – and you can see it as well!
  • We offer a high degree of vertical integration.
    Various modern manufacturing options and surface treatments are available
  • Risk management is a top priority for us.
    Three Zambelli businesses ensure smooth project completion
  • We are developing for our customers.
    Being focused on the specific requirements, we support your project constructively and efficiently

Our specialities.

Our product portfolio includes

  • Central water-bearing boilers
  • Designer water-bearing stoves
  • Pellet stoves
  • Fireplaces
  • Chimney inserts

In addition, Zambelli supplies various boiler claddings and accessories of all kinds. Besides lime and soapstone claddings from third-party manufacturers, we manufacture our own powder-coated and stainless steel claddings as well. The designs are based on round and angular contours.

Did you know?

Zambelli offers its customers a variety of services, among them are pressure tests for water-bearing boilers.

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Phone +49 85 55 409 0