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Perfectly prepared for the chilly season with Zambelli

10/11/2021| As collection devices, gutters and similar products are continuously exposed to the weather. Falling leaves are a major problem for gutters in particular. Water is unable to drain off unhindered once the gutter is clogged and will inevitably seek an alternative route. For instance, overflowing rainwater could penetrate the masonry via the attachment points on the downpipe, causing considerable damage in the process. Puddles and black ice might also form in the area of the downpipe. The roof drainage specialist Zambelli has various solutions in its portfolio to ensure unhindered drainage.

The new RIB-ROOF acoustic roof from Zambelli catches the eye with its functionality and look

28/10/2021 | Imbuing a single-family home with special charisma takes more than just architecture and design. Comfort is another important factor for its inhabitants. This includes, above all, consistent protection against noise of any kind. Zambelli’s latest innovation – the RIB-ROOF acoustic roof – is optimised to reduce the noise of rainfall and is fitted here to a semi-detached house in Bad Salzuflen.

Zambelli has innovative systems for the collection of precipitation in the garden

08/07/2021 | Environmental awareness and sustainability have long been close to Zambelli's heart. A prime example of this is the issue of rainwater use. The company’s drainage systems deliver innovative solutions for optimal water collection and promote the efficient use of natural, freely available resources.

For the sports hall in Mintraching

30/06/2021 | Sustainability, environmental responsibility and manageable costs: reconciling these requirements is not always easy within municipal construction. A prime example of how it can be done is the sports hall in the large town of Mintraching in the district of Regensburg/Bavaria. It is located about 15 km south-east of the regional centre of Regensburg. The community’s location means that popular sports traditionally play a major role in all parts of social life, in addition to school sports events. Town representatives are now extremely proud that a modern hall made of regional softwoods has been constructed for school and club sports in just 13 months. The icing on the cake of the sports facility is its full RIB-ROOF by Zambelli, which has been partially covered with a green roof structure.

Planning, design and manufacturing from a single source.

15/06/2021 | Old and dusty? Libraries have long outgrown their former reputation. The focus today is on providing a high-quality ambience or a wide selection of educational and learning facilities that offer users genuine value. With its tailored products for public and academic libraries, Zambelli metalworking provides a complete range of equipment and turns them into genuine worlds of experience. First-class service and consulting from A to Z are included.

Age-appropriate housing beneath the RIB-ROOF Master System

01/06/2021 | The 50plus residential complex was built in the municipality of Reinhardshagen in the southern Weserbergland region according to a design by the architectural firm Bankert, Linkert and Hupfeld. The project is designed to give senior citizens aged 50 and over the opportunity to live independently for as long as possible and to form a community with their age group. The housing complex comprises a total of 18 flats with floor space of between 50 and 80 m². A total of 1,200 m² of Zambelli RIB-ROOF 465 profile sheets were used for the roofing as well as the façade cladding.

DICTUM company headquarters beneath a RIB-ROOF aluminium roof

09/04/2021 | The small town of Plattling in Lower Bavaria is now graced by a new architectural landmark. The headquarters of DICTUM, an international company specialising in the manufacture and trade of tools, was built in an industrial estate in 2018. The building was clad with a wooden façade and covered with three side-by-side gable roofs, which are reminiscent of the Bavarian Forest peaks when viewed from a certain perspective. The company selected a RIB-ROOF metal roof from Zambelli, specifically the RIB-ROOF Speed 500 system that is particularly well-known for its quick and easy assembly.

Ice sports events beneath a RIB-ROOF aluminium roof

22/6/2020 | The small town of Raron in the Swiss canton of Valais has a lot to offer in terms of its natural environment and culture. Each year, droves of tourists flock to the town to visit the grave of the poet Rainer Maria Rilke on the castle hill. Besides this UNESCO World Heritage Site, the beautiful landscape attracts visitors from near and far. A new ice skating rink and events hall has enriched communal life since 2019. Nestled in the Rhône Valley, the Raiffeisen Arena is set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Aletsch Glacier, the largest and longest glacier expanse in the Alps. A RIB-ROOF metal roof from Zambelli was chosen to cover the ice rink, specifically the RIB-ROOF Speed 500 system, which is known for its especially quick and easy installation.

Improved product characteristics for Zambelli’s gutter hook set for sandwich panels

02/06/2020 | Zambelli delivers sustainable and technically sophisticated solutions for roofs and façades. Its most recent development in the field of roof drainage is the innovative gutter hook set for sandwich panels. This new product was successfully showcased at this year’s DACH+HOLZ International in Stuttgart and quickly developed into a crowd puller. Numerous discussions with visitors and customers prompted the manufacturer of roof drainage components to return to its test laboratories and make further improvements to the product. The gutter hook set has now been launched as a genuine problem solver.

Zambelli RIB-ROOF complete system with roof cultivation

26/05/2020 | The former textile district in the east of Augsburg was still dominated by industry until about 20 years ago. But new housing has now been built where the factory workers used to live. Today, the quarter on the other side of the river Lech is viewed as a chic, up-and-coming urban district. Many areas of the former industrial wasteland are now being used to construct new buildings for housing, retail and commerce. Terraced homes were renovated with products from Zambelli in a housing estate not far from the Glaspalast Museum. The RIB-ROOF Speed 500 system with a rear-ventilated roof structure and an Urbanscape green roof were selected for the roofing. The practical solution enables efficient installation and catches the eye with its lightweight components.

05/02/2020 | This year again, Zambelli put up its established stand concept at the DACH+HOLZ International in Stuttgart to present its products and services to a global industry audience. Besides its proven portfolio, the leading manufacturer of roof drainage, metal roof and shelving systems and the specialist in industrial metalworking had two brand new innovations up its sleeve: the gutter hook set for sandwich panels and the Thermo-Z spacer profile.

27/01/2020 | Technically sophisticated: Zambelli delivers durable solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of tinsmiths and roofers, as well as to the design and architecture of a building. The gutter hook set for sandwich panels is the latest development from the manufacturer of roof drainage components. This practical and innovative product makes child’s play of installing the gutters.

Certain energy standards must be adhered to these days when constructing or renovating a warm roof. The Energy Efficiency Ordinance (EnEV) stipulates the maximum U-value of a building component for roof superstructures. Planners are therefore required to determine the correct relationship between legally stipulated U-values and roof construction costs. We have developed the innovative Thermo-Z spacer profile for substructures to accommodate precisely these scenarios. It ensures a reduced thermal bridge effect and comes with a special slotted perforation to enable unbeatable U-values.

Bright, open-plan office environment beneath a RIB-ROOF aluminium roof

25/11/2019 | Like under a clear, blue sky: brightly illuminated by a light-bathed wooden roof and transparent end façades, the atrium of the Alnatura Arbeitswelt office building will be completed in 2019. 420 employees of the popular food brand work at the 55,000 m² Alnatura Campus in the southwest of Darmstadt. Spread across three floors and around 10,000 m², the office complex offers its employees completely open spaces. The special building is covered by a RIB-ROOF metal roof from Zambelli.

07/11/2019 | The pre-eminent manufacturer of roof drainage and shelving systems and specialist in building envelopes and industrial metalworking will be exhibiting at Stand No. 203 in Hall 7 at the Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre from 28 January to 31 January 2020. The company will regale its trade audience with a detailed impression of its service portfolio from the business divisions of building envelopes and roof drainage. But it has a number of new products in store as well.

Zambelli roof drainage

03/07/2019 | The portfolio of Zambelli roof drainage products is specifically tailored to the needs of plumbers, tinsmiths and roofers. The manufacturer offers its processors a technically sophisticated solution for every task that matches the architectural and building style. The Zambelli Master System Robust comes with practical product innovation and clever solutions that turn laborious gutter installations into child’s play. Many of the refined technical details demonstrate the advantages from which the tradesmen benefit. Their sole purposes are to make building site work more efficient and to ensure that customers are left completely satisfied by the positive impression. The following section presents a number of process upgrades to the proven and particularly durable Master Robust series.

Simplicity of functional design with RIB-ROOF metal roof systems

27/06/2019 | The growing Jewish community had a new cultural centre with synagogue built in Regensburg’s old town at the site of the former synagogue, which was destroyed in 1938. This restored the historical “sacred triangle” of Catholic cathedral, Protestant Neupfarrkirche and Jewish synagogue. To connect the remaining parts of the old cultural centre with the new building, the synagogue and the new centre were combined under one roof, connecting to old building through a large inner courtyard. The synagogue space is spanned by a square domed roof with a sustainable RIB-ROOF metal structure by Zambelli.

Additions to company management in the building envelope and roof drainage divisions

25/06/2019 | As one of the leading manufacturers of roof drainage systems and building envelopes, the Zambelli Group is committed to its status as a reliable and innovative partner to the industry and to continuing its trajectory of solid growth. This is why Zambelli Fertigungs GmbH & Co. KG and Zambelli RIB-ROOF GmbH & Co. KG are reorganising their leadership structures. Since 1 May 2019, Johannes Ranzinger has been the new managing director of Zambelli Fertigungs GmbH & Co. KG. Frank Anders was appointed managing director of Zambelli RIB-ROOF GmbH & Co. KG on 1 April 2019. Effective immediately, he is also responsible for the continued development of the company together with Andreas von Langsdorff.

12/06/2019 | The Ion Oblemeco Stadium in Craiova, Romania, is home to the first division football team CS Universitatea Craiova. The circular arena is state-of-the-art, has a seated capacity of 30,900 spectators and was opened in November 2017. In total, approx. 22,000 m² square metres of coated RIB-ROOF profiled steel sheeting was produced for the new stadium project, tailored precisely to ensure an exact fit. Zambelli delivered the required technology to the construction site in Craiova/Romania in the form of various roll formers. The manufacturer also delivered a mobile crowing system to the processor to ensure that the metal roofing membranes for this unusual roof shape were positioned accurately in the required alternating radii.

29/03/2019 | Zambelli heralds a new age of library furnishing with its presentation of the new Zambelli Pazio at the Library Congress in Leipzig. The variable combination of bookshelf and usable space in even tiny locations creates a fresh dimension in the spatial planning of modern libraries.

28/01/2019 | A first-hand experience of roof drainage and building envelopes: Zambelli presented showcased its highlights to an international trade audience at this year's BAU in Munich with its proven stand concept. Besides established products and systems, the leading manufacturer of roof drainage, metal roofing and shelving systems and specialist for industrial metalworking had brought some brand new innovations along for the trade show: metal façades that give every building an individual character.

21/01/2019 | The seaside resort of List on Sylt is the most northerly municipality in Germany. The town has been enjoying prosperous development for many years now. A modern promenade and shopping boulevard – Lister Markt – was created in the summer of 2017. In addition, the formerly derelict navy site of the former German Armed Forces’ naval readiness centre was developed into an attractive centre for the town. The site benefits from its direct location in particular, which starts at the new Lister Markt and ends at the port of List.

Zambelli roof drainage

27/11/2018 | Zambelli, the manufacturer of innovative roof drainage systems from Grafenau/Lower Bavaria, has continued its quality drive with even more technology highlights. The focus this time is on technical upgrades for connections and on product quality. Often it is the concealed details that make the range of Zambelli’s roof drainage components even better and more efficient. This applies in particular to the practical new insertion assistance for the Meister System gutters.

19/11/2018 | Zambelli will be in attendance once again when the world’s lead trade fair for architecture and materials welcomes its visitors from 14/01 to 19/01/2019. The pre-eminent manufacturer of roof drainage, metal roofing and shelving systems and specialist for industrial metalworking will be exhibiting in Hall B2 at Stand No. 321, giving trade visitors a full impression of its service portfolio from the two business divisions of building envelope and roof drainage systems.

Zambelli roof drainage

10/09/2018 | Zambelli, the manufacturer of innovative roof drainage systems from Grafenau/Lower Bavaria, has continued its 2018 quality drive with even more technology and design highlights. On the agenda this year are technical sophistication in connection and performance. This includes smart details that make the Master series of Zambelli roof drainage components even better and efficient. The clean TIG welding method is just one of these upgrades.

Zambelli roof drainage

30/08/2018 | It gradually dawns on us that autumn has arrived in Germany, at the latest when the days become shorter than the nights or the leaves on the trees change colour. The weather can be quite uncomfortable at this time of year. It’s high time to prepare for rain, wind, clouds and storms and to check that the roof drainage system is in good working order. Let’s not forget, roof drainage plays a major role in protecting the building envelope.

Zambelli stops building envelope installation services

20/08/2018 |Seizing the future with our bare hands – this philosophy of the Zambelli brothers is still the foundation of Zambelli RIB-ROOF GmbH today. True to this motto, our company, which opened its doors in 1957 as a specialist for everything to do with metal roofs and façades, is completing its strategic transformation into a pure system supplier. This means we will focus on our core competencies going forward: the production and marketing of building envelopes and associated services. In the RIB-ROOF sector, we will therefore focus on close cooperation with architects, dealers and craftsmen. In consequence, we will discontinue all of our own installation services in the area of building envelopes as of 1 July 2018.

26/07/2018 | RIB-ROOF metal roof systems in aluminium and steel are synonymous with technology, lightweight build, speed and performance. Zambelli’s innovative standing seam profile systems offer architects and planners an immeasurable variety of applications in the building envelope, allowing a sustainable blend of contemporary and timeless architecture with proven functional and structural properties. Regardless of whether it’s a smaller project such as a supermarket, kindergarten or school, medium-sized sports halls or commercial buildings or even huge and complex airports and football stadiums – the RIB-ROOF metal roof systems adhere rigorously to the same principles.

01/06/2018 | Anyone who enjoys design, appreciates creative craftsmanship and is attracted to an appealing look will also fall head over heels in love with Zambelli’s new hopper. The form completely follows the function in keeping with the established design principle. Here, outstanding craftsmanship and first-class industrial design are combined with high-quality materials and enduring functionality to create an innovative and holistic solution.

30/05/2018 | The World Cup is just around the corner. It won't be long before thousands of fans from all over the world flock to the Russian stadiums to experience exciting football up close. Stadiums themselves became a genuine experience in their own right a long time ago. Considerable attention is paid to the roofing, which has become more than just a protection against the weather. In today’s arenas, the stadium and grandstand roofing is a complex feat of engineering involving a wide array of services. Architects rely increasingly on lightweight metal construction elements. For example, the venerable old Lushniki Stadium in Russia was made fit for the World Cup with RIB-ROOF aluminium standing seam profiles from the manufacturer Zambelli.

23/05/2018 | Zambelli roof drainage systems consist of individual accessories built in consistently high quality. Aside from the primary material selected for outdoor use and the toughest conditions, our proprietary manufacturing processes lend the individual system components their special, guaranteed resilience. Included in these quality products are numerous details that undergo continuous upgrading and optimisation. Many of them are just inconspicuous, minor changes that are barely visible to the observer at first glance, but that account for the value and look of a component on closer inspection.

01/04/2018 | Sometimes it’s worth switching perspectives to fully appreciate the benefits of an application. Many people interested in the Gutter Stark gutter protection at the Cologne trade fair Dach + Holz had precisely this experience. A roof exhibit with the practical gutter cover on the Zambelli stand in Hall 8, Stand 320 attracted fascinated glances from the trade audience and became a real crowd puller as the show progressed.

22/02/2018 | The Zambelli Group attaches a lot of importance to attending internal lead fair Dach und Holz and marks the dates firmly in its calendar. The pre-eminent manufacturer of roof drainage, metal roofing and shelving systems and specialist for industrial metalworking will be exhibiting in Hall 8 at Stand No. 320, giving trade visitors a full impression of its service portfolio from the two business divisions of RIB-ROOF metal roof systems and roof drainage.

29/06/2017 | It takes specialists who are up to the task in order to plan, install and maintain intelligent building envelopes and keep them permanently functional. This also includes fall protection at high working areas (roof and façade). As a manufacturer of the three sliding-folding profile roof systems Evolution, Speed 500 and 465, Zambelli is adhering to this principle by launching a product series of safe line systems for RIB-ROOF.

28/06/2017 | Established on 1 July 1957, Zambelli celebrates its 60th company anniversary.

14/01/2017 | A new addition to our range of roof drainage products is a complete set for smaller summer houses or carports. The set consists of the now established proven components of the ZM Robust Master series in a trendy shade of anthracite.

14/01/2017 | The trend towards using roofs as green spaces continues unabated. This is because it saves costs for the rainwater levy and ensures compliance with the common requirement that roof surfaces must be cultivated under building and nature conservation regulations. Zambelli is accommodating this trend with its new green roof.

14/01/2017 | RIB-ROOF metal roof systems have a variety of models with standard solar technology features, depending on the shape of the roof and building alignment.

12/01/2017 | On 2 August 2016, the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) in Berlin issued the first general technical approval (abZ) – approval number Z-14.5-774 – for the RIB-ROOF solar/snow guard/step brackets as fastening clamps, which are compatible with the three Zambelli sliding seam profile roof systems RIB-ROOF Evolution, Speed 500 and 465.

12/01/2017 | Stefan Grimsmann and Frank Anders join RIB-ROOF metal roof systems as new recruits.

12/01/2017 | As a manufacturer of the three sliding-folding profile roof systems Evolution, Speed 500 and 465, Zambelli has launched a product series of safe line systems for RIB-ROOF.

12/02/2016 | The Mönchengladbach Airport is equipped with a RADAR low-reflection building envelope made of RIB-ROOF profile sheets.

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