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Structured to serve the market.

Zambelli is a quality manufacturer of accessory components for roof drainage, the Zambelli Master System and the COLORFERR System. We manufacture roof drainage systems and accessories according to the German DIN system (Master System) and in line with the specific requirements of the Hungarian market (COLORFERR System). Our intricate methods of highly automated series production and flexible manual workplaces enable the manufacture of large batches and even complex single pieces, including moulded parts and special sizes that are typical of specific regions.

We apply the highest standards of flexibility to meet the needs of our customers, serving the specialised trades as a strong brand partner with an advantageous sales and logistics concept. At the same time, we perceive ourselves as a professional supplier to prestigious system manufacturers and own brands. Collaboration with us is built on broad and digitally networked logistics and services, as well as dedicated international contacts.

Quality down to the last detail.

Each product is subjected to a thorough quality check before the goods are shipped. With our in-house, production engineering departments, any improvements can be made in no time at all, which guarantees significant value creation. All of our operating procedures and methods of continuous improvement are enshrined in our quality management system, which is certified according to
ISO 9001.


  • Accessories for roof drainage.
    Functionality, durability and an attractive look are the hallmarks of roof drainage accessories from Zambelli.
  • Zambelli Master System.
    Persuasive in use and architectural application thanks to its materials, colours and resilience.
  • COLORFERR system.
    The leading complete system for roof drainage on the Hungarian market.

Our special recommendations.

We work tirelessly to enrich our portfolio of roof drainage components by adding innovative new products. Solutions to problems are much in demand, especially in an age of climate change and extreme weather events. We are bold enough to develop ideas and provide space for innovation. This is yet another reason why Zambelli is a popular global supplier of roof drainage systems and accessories.

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