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Attractive. Stable. Durable.

The colour and zinc-magnesium finishing for extreme resilience and maximum corrosion protection are persuasive features of the Zambelli Master System. Whether it’s rain gutters, downpipes or accessories, all roof drainage components in the Zambelli Master series are made from the same primary material to guarantee a completely uniform surface.

Galvanized steel has proven its worth in metalworking for the construction industry thanks to its excellent strength and permanent corrosion protection. A roof drainage system made of galvanised steel absorbs high wind and snow loads. In addition, the linear expansion is lower compared to zinc, copper & co.

15-year warranty

You are always on the safe side with our system warranty. We provide a 15-year warranty that our roof drainage systems will not have any material or production defects that impair the system’s stability or function.

Your benefits at a glance.

  • LOOK.
    A visually uniform, flawless surface is created.
    Stability and durability are real hallmarks of the material quality.
    All components and details fit perfectly into each other.
  • PRICE.
    The price is considerably lower compared to other construction metals.

Colour coated. Systematically.

The innovative colour coating provides a structured, hard and particularly resistant surface with excellent UV resistance. The Zambelli roof drainage elements therefore exhibit a uniform shade and gloss level that is scratch-resistant and does not fade.

UV resistance.

The colour coating Robust catches the eye with its excellent values:

  • Scratch resistance ≥ 30 N according to EN13523-12:2004
  • UV-resistance RUV 4 according to EN10169-2

Combined, systematic benefits.

As an independent product family, the Master System gives you the certainty that all basic requirements of relevant standards are satisfied at all times. The roof drainage system is rounded off by traditional tinsmith products. From the downpipe to the valley panel, the overall impression is thoroughly persuasive.


Everything slots together perfectly in the Master System. The easy handling is fun and installation extremely efficient.


All components in the Master System are made of the same material. The system is completed by edging parts and hinge plates. The uniform look is inspiring.


You will adhere to all relevant standards with the Master System. Zambelli complies with all established industry norms.


Manufactured according to leading industry standards for environmental protection and sustainability.

  1. Robust top coat (approx. 20 µm) on a polyester basis
    for maximum scratch-resistance
  2. Primer (approx. 5 μm) for perfect adhesion and
    reliable corrosion protection
  3. Zinc-magnesium finishing (min. 120 g/m²)
    for permanent corrosion protection
  4. Optimised steel strap, specifically designed for use in drainage
  1. colofer® top coat
  2. Microparticles

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