Choose panel type

Configure your gutter hook set* for mounting the gutter on the sandwich panel roof by selecting the panel type!

*The gutter hook set includes bracket holder, gutter hook and all neccessary screws.

Installation in Pictures.

Navigate through the installation of the gutter hook set for sandwich panels in just a few steps. 

Step 1:The upper bracket holder is mounted on the trapezoidal crest.
Step 2:The gutter hook is screwed to the tab of the upper bracket holder.
Step 3:The gutter is placed into the installed gutter hooks.
Step 4:The eaves panel is attached.
Step 5:An optional pressure-resistant height adjustment can be used to prevent corrugation in the splash plate.
Step 6:With the help of the Zambelli gutter hook set for sandwich panels, roof drainage on the sandwich panel roof was installed quickly, easily, and professionally.

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