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Our visionary spirit is rooted in tradition.

Franz Zambelli lays the foundation stone of today's Zambelli Group at the end of the 1950s: carrying just the bare necessities, he arrives on his motorbike in the tranquil Grafenau district of Haus im Wald in Lower Bavaria, where he has been commissioned to renovate the church tower. Meeting his wife Ursula was the decisive reason for him to settle in Haus im Wald once the assignment was complete.

With great diligence and tireless innovation, Franz and his brother Carlo develop products with a unique selling proposition. This inventiveness has since been rewarded with numerous Zambelli patents and industrial property rights.

The innovative spirit of our company founder continues to inspire our actions and drive to continuously develop roof drainage ideas, even today.

Always a step ahead.

We are tirelessly developing our products, driving our visions in meaningful directions and working on practical and beneficial solutions.

An innovative mindset, the endeavour to create innovative streams in the field of roof drainage and to continuously improve existing products have been the hallmarks of Zambelli since day one. We are deeply rooted in the trade and possess sound technical knowledge, shaped by decades of practical experience. We are determined to keep building on this and trust rigorously in modern standards and technological advancements. Many of our production processes are fully automated and draw on machine learning. We maintain modern toolmaking facilities and automation departments at our locations to create space for innovation and put ideas into practice.

Creating genuine values as a team.

We are now numbered among the leading market suppliers of roof drainage due to the daily commitment and performance of our employees in development, production, order processing and logistics. With their know-how, our employees are committed to the continuous improvement of our products; and their competence guarantees seamless job fulfilment. We are proud to be an established family business.

Our trademark.

The compass rose on our products charts our course. It is a symbol of distinction and stands for perfection, quality and mastery. That is why our Zambelli products bear this symbol with pride!

Employees are rewarded for their innovation and ideas

Zambelli employees are known for their innovative ideas and product solutions, which often result in utility models or even patents. But just as often our employees are responsible for smart process optimisations, also in the back office.
The Zambelli Innovation Award – ZIA for short – was established to honour precisely these staff achievements and conferred for the first time in 2020.

Award categories.

Three different product categories were established to reward ideas across all divisions:

  • The Franz Zambelli Award for PRODUCT INNOVATION
  • The Franz Grill Award for PROCESS INNOVATION
  • The I Just Do It” Award for NEW IDEAS

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