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The individual touch in your construction project.

Zambelli offers a wide range of choice in terms of material. Our roof drainage systems are made of all common construction metals, from copper to zinc, aluminium and stainless steel. We pay attention to quality and compatibility in the selection of primary material, which ensures a dependably long service life for all products. The Zambelli Master System is made of strip galvanised sheet steel to guarantee that all component have completely uniform surfaces.

Range of metals.

Metal compatibilities.

    Al Cu St Zn Pb VA
Al Aluminium -


- - -
St Steel galvanized -
Zn Zinc -
Pb Lead
VA Stainless steel

✔ = Assembly possible

--- = Assembly not possible


Zambelli’s colour range enable reliable responds to both market changes and our customer’s individual requirements. We deliver our products with a uniform, scratch-resistant surface and place great value on durable, high-quality colour coatings with high UV resistance.

Customers can harmoniously match their roof drainage systems with the overall look of their building project. Our experts would gladly assist you in making the right decision!

Standard system colours.

Other colours are available on request.


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