From a trades firm to a global player.

The brothers Franz and Carlo Zambelli Sopalù laid the foundation for our company in 1957. In doing so, they followed the philosophy of their ancestors, demonstrating masterful craftsmanship and a thirst to shape their own destinies. Zambelli was built on the flawless embodiment of this philosophy in its daily work and in passing on these values to subsequent generations. To this day, the continuous transformation of fresh ideas and processes into high-quality products and services is what drives our growth.

Within decades, this two-man trades business had developed into an internationally active group of companies. Today, we have over 1,200 employees at seven locations in four European countries. In 2011, Zambelli received the Bavaria’s Best 50 Award from the Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs in recognition of this corporate achievement.

Numerous international patents and utility models aptly demonstrate that the high standards we aspire to have remained unchanged to this day. We continue to see ourselves as visionaries by tradition, combining competence, innovative spirit and quality as our most valuable maxims. We are proud of the fact that Zambelli has preserved the spirit of a family business. After all, we know very well that it takes genuine team spirit to drive a company forward unwaveringly.


Courage & inventiveness are what set us apart.

Few companies can look back on such solid growth as Zambelli. Our history shows how courage and inventiveness drove our company forward.

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