We think and act sustainably. The prudent use of materials is a top priority along our production chain: Zambelli applies intelligent production concepts and optimised tooling processes in order to exploit resources sensibly and reduce our reject rate as much as possible. We are careful to recycle as many of our raw products as we can and take responsibility for an effective recycling process in which all stages of work are performed efficiently and in a manner that protects the environment.


Since the 1990s, we have been actively involved in environmental protection. Thus, we have been actively participating in the activities of the Bavarian Environmental Pact since its beginning. That is why we consider it a matter of course that our environmental management has been certified according to DIN ISO 14001:2005.


We act in accordance with the globally recognised ISO 14001 standard for environmental management systems. Our company meets the requirements and in doing so actively implements and promotes environmental protection. Strict compliance creates real added value for Zambelli, reflecting our keen sense of responsibility for the environment and strengthening our competitiveness.

We take the initiative in terms of environmental protection.

We received the Bavarian State Medal for Environmental Protection in 2004. We were rewarded for our activities and initiative in this sphere.

Climate protection & sustainable development.

Zambelli supports the Development and Climate Alliance, which is a strong community for climate protection and development. As the Alliance’s supporter, we emphasize that climate protection poses global challenges that have to include global perspectives. Zambelli has developed a holistic approach to climate protection that shows us how we can contribute to make the World a better and environmentally-friendly place.

We support the Global Compact.

The Zambelli Group is a registered participant of the UN Global Compact. Thus we officially support the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact, whose aim is the protection of human rights, the improvement of working conditions and environment as well as fight against corruption. We submit annual reports concerning our activities in these areas to the UN.

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