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Customer requirements can be extremely varied and individual. We do our best to assist you in creating a right workflow and advancing the design and development of your project both quickly and cost-effectively. You can count on us to deliver the necessary know-how and relevant input. You discuss your specific requirements and associated wishes with our Zambelli experts. We, as a team, work out a solution that allows you to use our machinery as cost-effectively and time-efficiently as possible.

Do you need support? Just get in touch with us!

Your benefits at a glance.

  • Support during the project
  • Cost-effective and efficient project fulfilment
  • Dedicated single point of contact
  • Production to suit the Zambelli machinery
  • Rigorous quality & risk management
  • Long-standing experience & competence

Zambelli Holding GmbH Passauer Straße 3+5, D-94481 Grafenau/Haus im Wald

Phone +49 85 55 409 0