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Shareholding and business units restructuring

It is a special start for the Zambelli Group, because not only did the year change from 2022 to 2023, but there was also a change in the shareholder structure. After Regina - the younger daughter of the company's founder Franz Zambelli Sopalù - has withdrawn from the company, all the shares of the Zambelli Group and responsibilities are held now by Marietta Zambelli Sopalù and her children, Florentina and Constantin. Both of them have been working in the company for 12 and 7 years respectively and have now taken on the task of being the third-generation successors of the family business.

"Among other things, we are committed to a further future-focused development of the organisational structures of our companies, to remaining loyal to the regions where we are located, and yet to keeping our eyes open for entrepreneurial opportunities," explains Marietta Zambelli Sopalù. Florentina adds: "We really appreciate the commitment of our employees and want to continue to offer them job security."

"We are already well positioned, but we must always keep in mind that we must constantly move with the times in order to secure the competitive advantages of tomorrow. This also means, among other things, that the Zambelli group must work even harder to guarantee the next generations a better future. For example, we are currently developing a comprehensive sustainability strategy that will set binding guidelines for our business conduct and ethics," says Constantin.

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