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The versatile one for archives, stacks & libraries

The Zambelli Maxithek makes use of every corner and niche, adapts perfectly to slopes and unevenness and can be stacked as well as wheeled.
The shelving system is available in two designs:

  • Open 4-post shelving unit
  • Solid wall version with enclosed side walls

The quality and functionality of our Maxithek are designed for special uses, delivering premium shelving with excellent load-bearing capacity.



  • Versatile furnishing & design options
  • 100 kg carrying capacity per shelf
  • Stationary or movable
  • Robust 4-post design as solid-wall model with enclosed side walls
  • Galvanized or powder-coated surfaces for individual colour selection
  • Extreme adaptability to local circumstances
  • One-or two-sided installation
  • Diagonal strut for reinforcement
  • Stationary or movable as compact shelving system (can also be retrofitted!)
  • Adjustable shelves in 20 millimetre increments without tools
  • Shelf carrying capacity: 100 kg (higher loads are possible per shelf with reinforcement),
  • shelf unit loads: one-sided: 1,200 kg; two-sided: 2,400 kg
  • Identical shelf design to the top and base shelves
  • Wide range of furnishings and accessories

Available in different designs

  • All
  • Combination
  • Post design
  • Solid-wall design
  • Shelf uprights as closed rectangular tube with dimensions 30x45 mm
  • Alternating row of holes and double slots at 20 mm intervals = adjustment grid
  • Material thickness 1 mm
  • Distance between two uprights inside the shelf: shelf depth minus 90 mm
  • Inserted C-profiles for deep connections
  • Up to a height of 1,950 mm: 2 deep connections
  • Up to a height of 2,550 mm: 3 deep connections
  • At a height of 2,910 mm: 4 deep connections
  • Partition wall inserts

* Combination possible within one shelving unit

  • 30 mm x shelf depth
  • Alternating row of holes and double slots at 20 mm intervals = fixture’s adjustment grid
  • Material thickness 1 mm
  • Optional perforated design

* Combination within one set of shelves is possible

The Zambelli Maxithek provides the option of combining post and solid wall versions as well.

We can manufacture the right system shelving for your requirements on request.
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