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The best way to gain space with Mediathek, Maxithek & ARthek.

The modular shelving systems from Zambelli ensure optimal use of the available space. Extreme ease of access is a characteristic feature of these systems, but not at the expense of storage capacity despite the necessary user aisles. Mediathek, Maxithek and ARthek are rightly considered as space-saving miracles that effortlessly strike the right balance between costs and benefits. So nothing can get in the way of just creating order.

Three different drive systems are available:

  • manual
  • mechanical
  • electric drive

Your benefits at a glance.

  • Optimised space utilisation without costly construction work
  • Excellent adaptability to the local circumstances and the properties of the stored materials
  • Many design options in terms of colour, look and different materials
  • Shelf lighting possible
  • Maximum ease-of-use
  • Smart technology for high safety
  • Practical furnishing accessories and shelf labelling systems

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