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Inspections – for added peace of mind.

Warehouse fixtures and shelving are work equipment and governed by the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV). Damage to shelving is always possible, even with conscientious and careful work. This may impair the performance and safety of your facilities. The operator is obliged to arrange systematic, annual inspections of all warehouse facilities by trained professionals.

Our service programme.

This is why we have expanded our service portfolio to include the inspection of shelving systems. Our in-house certified shelving inspectors have the necessary skills to perform qualified expert inspections. During this process, our trained shelving inspector conducts a visual check to determine whether the protective measures, shelf components and loading are compliant with the regulations. At the end, they prepare an inspection report noting any defects identified during the examination according to the individual damage classes. An inspection label is awarded if no complaints are found.

Don’t call us – we’ll call you!

At Zambelli, full service means that we also monitor compliance with prescribed service intervals on your behalf. When a shelf inspection is due in accordance with DIN EN 15635, our service team will call you and arrange a maintenance appointment.

Shelf inspection according to
DIN EN 15635.

Detecting damage in good time prevents many accidents, reduces repair costs and enables preventative measures. The EN 15635 standard “Use and maintenance of storage facilities” was released on 1 August 2009. Together with the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV), DIN EN 15635 regulates the scope and procedure in inspections of storage facilities. Warehouse operators are responsible for safe working conditions, so they must protect employees, look after equipment and ensure the flawless condition of their goods. The inspection is carried out in accordance with DGUV Rule 108-007 (formerly BGR 234).

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