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We deliver customised system solutions.

Whether it’s doors or flaps, caravan interiors or structural elements – we draw on our outstanding competence and expertise to design and develop custom-fit, innovative system solutions for the motor home and caravan industry.

It is a long journey from the brainchild to the finished product. We have been specialised in the production of body doors, service flaps and construction elements for many years. In addition to manufacturing our own, constantly evolving products, we are equally delighted to support you throughout your project and look forward to sharing ideas. Our network of designers, suppliers and constructors also ensure we have the necessary knowledge to offer you solid advice and to find the ideal solution for your requirements. Our in-house CAD department gives us a wide range of possibilities to assist you, from simulation to calculation and weight optimisation. We have our own 3D printer as well, which enables fast responses and minimised development times.


Innovation from the House of Zambelli.

  • Internal development department
  • Prototyping
  • 3D printer

Employees are rewarded for their innovation and ideas

Zambelli employees are known for their innovative ideas and product solutions, which often result in utility models or even patents. But just as often our employees are responsible for smart process optimisations, also in the back office.
The Zambelli Innovation Award – ZIA for short – was established to honour precisely these staff achievements and conferred for the first time in 2020.

Award categories.

Three different product categories were established to generate ideas across all divisions:

  • The Franz ZambelliAward for PRODUCT INNOVATION
  • The Franz Grill Award for PROCESS INNOVATION
  • The “I Just Do It” Award for NEW IDEAS
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