Innovative system for rainwater use


Sustainability and environmental awareness are deeply engrained in our mindset and actions. Our innovative drainage systems provide solutions for the optimised use of rainwater and in doing so promote the efficient management of natural resources.

The rainwater pipe flap, water collector and Gutter Stark® leaf guard use different methods of collecting precipitation around the house and garden and ensuring its sustainable use – for instance to water plant beds. A positive side effect is a considerable reduction in the costs of for tap water.

The rainwater pipe flap enables the effective drainage of precipitation water, reliably and easily filling the rainwater barrels. As an additional option, a stainless steel sieve can be fitted to remove leaves at a safe height in the downpipe without causing clogging.

Mounted in a similar way, the non-manual solution to collect water is equally suitable and catches the eye with its convincing hose component. The rainwater runs down the downpipe in a spiral, gathers in the water collector and is then fed into the barrel through the hose connector.

The Gutter Stark® leaf guard comes with a persuasively innovative method of collecting leaves and other detritus before they cause trouble as a simple way of pre-filtering rainwater and melting snow for downstream use.

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