@jenni_vom_dach becomes new brand ambassador for Zambelli


Craftsmanship and Instagram? Don't fit together? YES, THEY DO!

That's what Munich native Jennifer Konsek proves. She is a master tinsmith in her family's craft business and regularly takes her rapidly growing number of Instagram followers to her construction sites or into the workshop. With her likable and authentic manner, she provides insightful glimpses into her professional life and regularly reaches over 100,000 young craftsmen and interested experts with her photos and video contributions.

Zambelli wants to leverage this momentum and, as a dynamic, digital company, is setting new impulses in modern market communication through collaboration with the craft influencer. "With Jenni Konsek, we have gained an authentic brand ambassador who fits 100 % with Zambelli's values," say Zambelli managing directors Andreas von Langsdorff and Johannes Ranzinger.

"Jenni vom Dach" is also very excited about the collaboration: "I am above excited about this cooperation, because we have been using Zambelli products in our company for a very long time," says the 24-year-old.

On her Instagram channel, it is not about click numbers and advertising revenue for her, but about presenting quality-conscious tinsmith craftsmanship attractively and getting her followers interested in the profession.

We at Zambelli are very excited to have Jenni, a seasoned expert in the field, on board in the future.

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