Gutter hook set for sandwich panels – Innovation for roof drainage


Sandwich products are popular alternatives for people with little time. This applies also to roofing. Those of us who struggle with tight schedules will find what they need in the new Zambelli gutter hook set for sandwich panels.

Multi-layered sandwich panels can carry heavy loads and provide effective thermal insulation. They are easy to fit, so roof cladding, insulation and interior cladding can be installed in a single step as a cost-effective and heat-efficient alternative to conventional roof construction.

Our new gutter hook set is designed for all common sandwich panels with trapezoidal geometries, such as Kingspan KS1000 RW, BRUCHAPaneel® DP 82 - DP 182, Roma type D, FischerTherm, Joris Ide and Metecno G4.

The gutter hook set for sandwich panels consists of two components: a top bracket holder and a gutter hook shaped to fit the sandwich panels. The top bracket holder is simply placed on the panel and screwed to the marked holes. This prevents any potential mistakes such as drilling from the underside of the sandwich panel into the high bead. Pre-bending of the hooks or cutting the sandwich profiles are no longer necessary for installation.

Our innovative gutter hook set confirms our position as pioneers on the market, as a technically flawless solution has been missing in this area so far. Now we can offer an ideal solution for tradesman that enables efficient work on the construction site.

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