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For the right temperature.

All common build-ups for warm and cold roofs can be fitted as roof build-ups for the RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems.

Supporting or substructures

The supporting structure or substructure  for the RIB-ROOF profile sheets can be designed as follows:

  • Single-skin roof construction with thermal insulation layer, so-called warm roof
  • Single-skin roof construction without thermal insulation layer
  • Double-skin roof construction with rear ventilation, so-called cold roof


All common build-ups are essentially possible for roof build-ups with RIB-ROOF:

  • Trapezoidal profiles
  • Wooden purlins
  • Timber boarding
  • Steel purlins
  • Aerated or reinforced concrete


Steel trapezoidal profiles are among the most commonly used supporting structures. RIB-ROOF Speed 500 can be mounted alternatively on a full-surface support. Rigid thermal insulation is another variant besides the timber formwork (used in DAD-dm compressive pressure load capacity).





Possible build-ups for warm roofs.

  • Wooden counter/transverse lathing
  • Timber boarding
  • Roof build-ups with clip border
  • Thermo-Z spacer profile
  • Z-profile
Energy cost savings with wooden lathing.

With distance constructions made of wooden lathing, you can annually save approx. €1400 per 1000 m2 roof area in comparison to constructions with metal Z-profiles without thermal separation strips, according to an investigation report of FIW of 17 January 2020 (calculation with DIN EN ISO 6946, values with thermal insulation 180 mm and WLG 035). The energy saving costs amount to €540 per year for the same area in comparison to metal clips which penetrate thermal insulation.

Possible build-ups for cold roofs.

  • Wooden structures
  • Steel structures

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