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Planning, technical support, supervision.

For decades, Zambelli has enjoyed an excellent reputation as a specialist in the building envelope sector. Established originally as a firm of expert tinsmiths and roofers, we deliver technical advice and optimised services to ensure the preservation, growth and transfer of our knowledge.

In addition to our profound technical and professional expertise, we offer specialist planning and tendering for roofs and façades, calculations based on building physics and property statics, as well as the preparation of detailed drawings and CAD installation plans. Furthermore, we give comprehensive support and technical training to installers, civil engineers and architects.

With our long-standing experience as a metalworking company, broad expertise in project management and consistently updated know-how, we satisfy every requirement in the field of building envelopes. The customer base we attend to includes both key accounts and smaller installation companies and fitters. Our track record in the field of supervision and consulting extends from warehouses to international airports.


We are here to support you.


  • Preparation of detail, work and installation plans
  • Safety and installation concepts
  • Scheduling and construction process planning
  • Drafting of special proposals


  • Consulting for planners and architects
  • Application advice
  • Supervision
  • Installation courses
  • On-site training
  • Installation inductions
  • Certification

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