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The personal fall protection equipment is a means to make the working process on the roof safe. All European countries have particular regulations in regard to this. As an emergency safety system in the event of a fall, its functionality can become lifesaving. For this reason, in collaboration with the experts from ST QUADRAT Fall Protection S.A. we have developed the customized RIB-ROOF system components for installation of the LUX-TOP fall arrest system. It allows you to install everything in a fast, simple and safe way. Rely on the well-known high quality of the Zambelli products in terms of safety as well.



The fall arrest systems LUX-top® GBD - Z 500, LUX-top® FALZ – Plus Evolution and LUX-top® GBD - RR465 , which are compatible with the RIB-ROOF roofing metal systems, have the National Technical Approval (abZ No. Z-14.9-802) granted by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt - the German Institute for Building Technology) and are authorized with a Ü-mark.  All the systems have been tested according to the technical standards DIN EN 795:2012 and DIN CEN/TS 16415:2013 C. All the corresponding RIB-ROOF fastening brackets have the National Technical Approval (abZ -no. Z-14.4-774) granted by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) as well.

Your benefits at a glance.

    The installation can be made in a fast and easy way on every RIB-ROOF metal roofing system.

    The fall arrest system is fixed on the profiled sheet seam with the help of the seam brackets corresponding to the system.

    The fall arrest system is available both for new RIB-ROOF roofs and the existing ones

Staying safe up on the roof.

The RIB-ROOF fall arrest system enables those with the personal safety equipment to rope up fast and easily in the fall hazard zones. The installation is carried out perforation-free by fixing the brackets on the profiled sheet seam. The fall arrest system is available as a single anchor point and a rope protection system. The support plate of the anchoring elements is the same for both models. Retrofitting is also possible at any time.


A single point on the roof (e.g. chimney) can be reached with the help of a stationary anchor point. The starting point is fixed given. Workers fasten themselves using their personal safety equipment and have a restricted room for free movement while carrying out necessary works. The single anchor points can be combined with the fall protection rope systems as well.

Fall protection rope systems.

The fall protection rope systems offer high degree of working comfort. One can fasten themselves to any required point with the help of the personal safety equipment. A movable intermediate bracket and corner bracings guarantee a high degree of mobility. Thus, the Employer's Liability Insurance Association of the Construction Industry (BG BAU) recommends using the fall protection rope systems instead of several single anchor points.

Technical support & planning.

Should you have any queries concerning the fall arrest system or you require a cost estimate, feel free to contact your RIB-ROOF installer or us. If available, provide your roof plan and/or a section drawing, so that we could discuss the building specifications during the first meeting.

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