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The RIB-ROOF acoustic roof catches the eye with its effective sound insulation. It can reduce the pattering of rain by up to six decibels and lower noise considerably. What’s more, the RIB-ROOF acoustic roof sets itself apart thanks to excellent usability and a long service life. Another bonus point: the easy-to-install system is compatible with other components such as photovoltaic cells or solar thermal energy – features that are becoming increasingly important, especially for the construction of owner-occupied homes.


  • Efficient sound insulation
  • Excellent usability & long service life
  • Compatible with other system components
  • Simple installation based on the RIB-ROOF principles
  • Individual & precise fit

Built for use.

The metal roof system is approved in accordance with the European ETA and has a reference service life of at least 50 years according to its environmental product declaration. It is also suitable use with roof pitch of just 1.5 degrees.

Simple. Safe. Precise adjustment.

Roof installation is based on the three RIB-ROOF principles. The versatility of the technical components produces a homogeneous metal roof that can be ideally adapted to the individual project requirements.

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