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The noise reduction properties of the RIB-ROOF acoustic roof are impressive, as it can reduce rain noises by up to six decibels and decrease other noises considerably. The RIB-ROOF acoustic roof is also remarkable for its excellent usability and a long service life. Another bonus point: the system which is easy to install, is compatible with other components such as photovoltaic cells or solar thermal systems – features that are becoming increasingly important, especially in residential construction.


  • Efficient sound insulation
  • Excellent usability & long service life
  • Compatible with other system components
  • Simple installation based on the RIB-ROOF principles
  • Individual & precise fit

Built for use.

The RIB ROOF metal roof systems Speed 500 and Evolution are approved in accordance with the European Technical Assessment (ETA) and have a reference service life of at least 40 years according to its environmental product declaration. They can also be installed on roofs with a minimum pitch of just 1.5 degree.

Simple. Safe. Precise adjustment.

Roof installation is based on the three RIB-ROOF principles. The versatility of the technical components produces a homogeneous metal roof that can be ideally adapted to the individual project requirements.

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