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The unique features of the RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems offer significant benefits in terms of planning and installation, making the roof covering more functional.

The installation method is based on our three RIB-ROOF principles:


The RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems look differently – however, they are all made with strict adherence to the principles.

These guiding principles are embodied in the RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems. Thus, the installation technology of the innovative sliding seam connection with the corresponding system-supplied sliding clips emerged, allowing for the smooth and fast installation of the profiled sheets.  


Reliable and precise adjustment.

With all the RIB-ROOF metal roof systems, the profiled sheet seams and the clips form a construction unit. The clip head corresponds exactly with the inner shape of the profiled sheet seam. The clip and seam heights match perfectly with one another. Since all the elements are manufactured for a precise fit, no further adjustment works, such as e.g. zipping, are necessary at construction site.

Your benefits at a glance.

  • Absorption of high wind loads.
    The RIB-ROOF can effortlessly withstand even high suction forces. It is suitable as a building envelope in the mountains as well as on the coast.
  • Absolutely rainproof.
    RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems are assembled without penetrations. Neither screws nor fastening elements pierce the roof covering.
  • Extreme durability.
    Thanks to their geometry, the clip and the profile sheet seam stabilise each other, so that they are connected in a positive locking manner. Lever forces, tilting effects and jamming do not occur.

Securely fastened.

The installation system for all RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems has been optimised to ensure that the roof covering is completed in no time at all and with minimum effort. The direct installation of the profiled sheets and clips ensures a smooth installation process for all the systems. The profiled sheet connection with the RIB-ROOF sliding seam eliminates the need for mechanical zipping.

Profiled sheet-clip installation.

The profiled sheet-clip installation eliminates the laborious task of aligning the clips before the installation of the profiled sheets. The width of the profiles determines the next row of clips. The clip is first swiveled into the profiled sheets and then fastened to the substructure.


  • Significant time savings.
    The process of measuring and positioning all fastening clips is no longer necessary.
  • Zero tolerance errors.
    Downstream defects caused by incorrect clip positioning do not occur if assembly is carried out correctly.
  • Durable functional safety.
    All clips are positioned parallelly to the profiled sheets. The building envelope can expand and contract
    without causing tension.


RIB-ROOF sliding seam.

The RIB-ROOF profile sheet connection uses the principle of positive locking. The positive locking is created by interlocking the adjacent profile sheet seams. The following profile is swiveled in and clicked into the clip, removing the need for any mechanical zipping.


  • Secure profiled sheet connection.
    The positive locking cannot be detached, even under significant strain.
  • Optimal sliding capacity.
    No screwing of the profile sheets thanks to the RIB-ROOF clips.
    No exposure to compressive and crushing forces that might damage the material.
  • High thermal diffusivity.
    The profiled sheet connection by positive locking enables improved water vapour permeability
    compared to profile zipping.


Development of the RIB-ROOF metal roof systems is based on a permanent questioning of the system efficiency. This recurring process has resulted in an individually adjustable roof envelope, in which all technical components can be adapted to the project requirements. Different profiled sheet shapes, customized fastening clips and a range of accessories that enhance functionality result in a homogeneous metal roof that fits the construction task.

Your benefits at a glance.

  • Reduction in project complexity.
    The RIB-ROOF installation system allows for a quicker planning process and offers costing certainty.
  • Permanent functional safety.
    Depending on the load on the roof covering or the required geometry, there are customized clips for each RIB-ROOF system.
  • Large selection to suit the technical installation requirements.
    Whether thermal insulation with diffusion open protective sheet or compressed thermal insulation – everything is possible.
  • Installation-friendly energy efficiency.
    The best U-values can be achieved with RIB-ROOF metal roofs, even on simple substructures.
  • Absolute rainproof.
    All the RIB-ROOF components are installed penetration-free.
  • Ready-to-install.
    Constant functional expandability thanks to the wide range of RIB-ROOF accessories. All of them tested components that are installed quickly and easily.
  • High economic efficiency
    The RIB-ROOF systems accommodate the most common application scenarios with its accessory programme, which simplifies the organisational and planning processes in terms of time and calculation. The roof can be retrofitted at any time.

Systematic benefits.

  • Simple installation technology
  • Innovative fastening system
  • Incredibly timesaving
  • Self-supporting & accessible
  • Permanently rainproof
  • Sustainable
  • Variety of shapes
  • Perfect system accessories

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