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With the use of siding-panels, Zambelli presents a high-quality and economical solution for building envelopes made of metal for commercial, industrial and residential constructions.

  • Construction widths from 250 to 500 mm, in different material thicknesses
  • in lengths up to 6,000 mm
  • Optional panel end folding
  • Material design in aluminium with and without shadow gap

Simply thought out.




Zambelli distinguishes itself with its products offering sustainable and sophisticated solutions in terms of energy efficiency.


Aluminium is 100 % recyclable at the end of product life and saves around 95 % energy during reprocessing.


Zambelly Siding Systems stand for sustainable, long-term industrial, commercial and residential constructions.


The systems can be dismantled without being destructed and can be reused.

50 mm
grid spacing
250 mm - 500 mm
overall width
< 6.000 mm

Versatile application.


Element format.

The siding-panels are produced in standard construction widths from 250 to 500 mm with a grid spacing of 50 mm.


Product specifications.

Zambelli Siding Systems are made of high quality materials and coatings. They can be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally both in the interior and exterior areas.


All siding systems are designed according to the current standards and can be supported by corresponding documentation according to the construction requirements.


Temperature-related changes in length.

Temperature differences can lead to thermal expansion of the panels, which can affect the aesthetics of facades. Special measures must be taken into account depending on the used substructure.

High quality & sustainable.

Thanks to the Zambelli Siding System, almost all requirements for a sophisticated, individual facade design can be realized.

  • Additional refinement measures underline the unique architectural character.
  • Every conceivable facade design is practically feasible. In addition to high-quality workmanship, sustainability is also important.
  • Zambelli siding-panels meet all requirements regarding special properties, such as for instance fire-resistance or even higher requirements in terms of acoustics.


  • Panel end folding (mandatory for siding-panels wider than 350 mm)
  • Various surface designs
  • Micro- und macro-lined surfaces
  • Design with or without shadow gap
  • Perforation
The Zambelli Siding at a glance.

Versatile & Professional.

Zambelli sidings can be installed in different ways and on all common substructures.

  • Horizontal direction
  • Vertical direction
  • Diagonal direction
  • Corner edge (horizontal direction)

The Zambelli Siding practical film.

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