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RIB-ROOF metal roof systems make space for your ideas.

Metal is a particularly versatile building material from an architectural perspective. Talk to us – we would be delighted to assist in the planning of your metal roof. Our support extends to tender recommendations, cost estimates or endorsements of RIB-ROOF specialist installers. A broad range of consulting and services is also available to you on for specific projects.


You will find our tender texts in the download section or in the free online database.


You will find the tender texts in Word, PDF or GAEB format in the download section.

Our tender texts are also available in the following GAEB formats: GAEB 1990 RTF, GAEB 2000, GAEB 2000 RTF, GAEB XML 3.0, GAEB XML 3.1

We will gladly send you the preferred GAEB formats by email.

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