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Clever, down to the last detail.

A broad variety of connection and closure systems are available when installing one of our Zambelli RIB-ROOF metal roofing systems. A large selection of basic and bespoke design options are possible in the detailed planning, among them sloping steps or special designs for internal gutters.
Generally, our systems can be used to connect with or close metal, brickwork or other façade structures, as well as combined with masonry, plaster walls or exposed concrete.


  • Ridge area
    z. E.g. double pitched ridge, single pitched ridge (with/without ventilation opening)
  • Arris area
  • Eaves area
  • Sloped steps
  • Verge area
  • Ridge-side/side wall connection
  • Interior gutter
  • Valleys
  • Roof penetrations
    z. e.g. round & rectangular roof penetrations, dome lights curbs, roof windows
Good to know.

Roof penetrations and their edgings are hand crafted or welded⁄soldered watertight, depending on the material. They require great care and expertise in roofing technology.


At Zambelli you will find the right system to be used as a reliable roof cover. Refer to our Manual for Planning and Installation to learn more about about all the designs.

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