Type approval for the safe line system


The German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) in Berlin has granted general type approval (abZ) for the Speed 500 and Evolution metal roof safe line systems. Approval for RIB-ROOF 465 will follow soon. This demonstrates the utility of the LUX-top GBD-Z500, LUX-top FALZ-PLUS-Evolution and LUX-top FALZ-PLUS Evolution P safe line systems in line with the state building regulations (LBO). The certificate bears the number Z-14.9-802. Zambelli Metalldachsysteme can now supplement its current product portfolio of sliding seam profile roof systems with the addition of anchoring devices approved by the building authorities in Germany.

Free of penetrations and easy to mount

Safe line systems designed by Zambelli are penetration-free and easy to install. They are made of high-quality materials (aluminium and stainless steel / VA), comply with the strictest safety requirements and are manufactured to the highest quality standards. They consist of independently tested safe line system elements built from premium materials that are specially adapted to the RIB-ROOF metal roofs for penetration-free specialist installation on the RIB-ROOF metal roof systems Speed 500 and Evolution in all materials and thickness grades. They all come with the fastening components included. The systems were developed in close cooperation with the experienced and competent manufacturer of safe line safe line system equipment, ST QUADRAT Fall Protection.

Individual anchor points and rope safety systems

The product line comprises anchorage devices for personal protective equipment for working at elevated positions, as well as for rope-supported work on existing technical installations, e.g. on roof superstructures such as ventilation systems, SHEV systems or solar modules and on green roofs.

The RIB-ROOF metal roof is distributed directly through Zambelli after suitable factory planning and dimensioning. The material is delivered straight to the customer’s building site, including professional installation if required. Other advantages include the extensive technical support for the installer and, if required, training in expert installation.

Good serviceability, high technical standards and outstanding quality are attested for the LUX-top system components. The certificate is initially valid for the next five years, i.e. until December 2022. So developers looking to complete their constructions with Zambelli metal roof systems will always be on the safe side and can now plan and build even more creatively. What’s more, they have the guarantee of high-quality safe line systems that are as visually appealing as they re safe and functionally persuasive. Interested parties can view and download the aforementioned approval certificate in the RIB-ROOF download section.

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