Green roof for RIB-ROOF


The trend to use roofs as green spaces continues unabated as it firstly saves on the costs of the rainwater levy and secondly meets the common requirement to cultivate roof spaces in line with building and nature conservation regulations. Zambelli’s new green roof fits perfectly into this trend.

The product brainchild eventually culminated in a full solution with a safe and sustainable complete roof designed for the structure’s entire service life, which matches the Zambelli sliding seam profile roof systems RIB-ROOF Evolution and Speed 500. It consists of a drainage system with water storage, a non-woven separation layer, a growth mat made of binder-free rock wool and a pre-cultivated vegetation layer. This green roof system was specially designed for easy installation on flat roofs and low-pitch roofs in residential and commercial construction. For this purpose, all green roof components are already matched to the profile widths of the Zambelli RIB-ROOF metal roof sheeting. The special feature of this system is its low installation height and low weight per unit area when saturated with water.

The average weight of the dry green roof structure is 15-20 kg/m², rising to around 80 kg/m² when fully saturated. The water storage capacity is up to 60 l/m², depending on the type of drainage system and growth mat. The entire green roof structure is planned by Zambelli, factory-assembled and delivered to the construction site ready for installation (including technical support). The roofs are greened and prepared for acceptance immediately after installation. With its complete solutions for green roofs, Zambelli RIB-ROOF is embarking on the right path towards more responsible management of the environment and economy.


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