The Thermo-Z spacer profile – innovation in the RIB-ROOF range


Certain energy standards must be adhered to these days when constructing or renovating a warm roof. Planners are therefore required to determine the correct relationship between legally stipulated U-values and roof construction costs. We have developed the innovative Thermo-Z spacer profile for substructures to accommodate precisely these scenarios. It ensures a reduced thermal bridge effect and comes with a special slotted perforation to enable unbeatable U-values. The metallic, single-layer alternative to wood has structural benefits, as the profile achieves a low weight of the overall construction.

Profile installation is very simple thanks to the pre-drilled holes and the supplied butt connectors, true to our motto “I just do it”.

Thermo-Z spacer profiles are used to reduce thermal bridges, mainly in warm roof constructions on load-bearing shell constructions consisting of trapezoidal sheets or wooden formwork. But they can also be fitted as a spacer construction for ventilated roof structures with a free ventilation cross-section.

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