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Gutter protection.
Clean the gutter without a ladder.

Leaves, snow and ice are the enemies of every roof drainage system. Gutter Stark® puts an end to blocked gutters and in doing so improves protection against moisture penetrating the building. Gutter Stark® leaf guard ensures undisturbed drainage, even in sub-polar conditions. The new gutter protection is a pioneer in terms of performance due to the proven Alu-Rex technology. Gutter Stark® is also persuasive as a pre-filter for rainwater collection. Dirt is removed from the rainwater, making it available for further use.

Fits any gutter!

The new Gutter Stark® leaf guard was developed as a complete set for all the most common gutter sizes and types. It is available in aluminium and in anodised copper-coloured aluminium.

  1. With round perforation
    for maximum drainage performance
  2. Roll-back profile
    for optimised outflow
  3. With overflow guard band
    for perfect gutter closure
  4. Robust hold
    also under snow load
  5. Dura-Shield surface
    dimensionally stable and corrosion-free

Easier work.

  • Permanently optimised protection against soiling, e.g. from leaves, tree needles, blossoms, birds’ nests
  • Contamination is removed by the wind thanks to the smooth surface
  • Protection against vermin and mosquito nests
  • Pre-filtration for rainwater use

Functional improvement.

  • Drainage capacity of up to 755 litres per hour per m² as certified by independent testing laboratories
  • Dimensionally stable and firm fit in the gutter even under a heavy load of snow and ice
  • 25-year warranty


  • Quick and simple installation
  • Perfect match: developed for all gutters and gutter types
  • Available from specialist retailers and trade partners
  • Can be combined with all common construction metals: available in aluminium and also in
    galvanized aluminium for copper

Installation of Gutter Stark®

Highest performance

Gutter Stark® remains functional all year round and the gutter cleans itself automatically thanks to its unique perforated structure (Alu-PerfTM), as proven by two independent tests. The system achieves a drainage rate of 63 millimetres per hour and square metre, even with 100 percent coverage. Gutter Stark® doesn't give up during downpours, either: the Roll-BackTM profile ensures that the volume of water is perfectly managed. The overflow stop band (Flex-SealTM) hermetically seals the gutter as well.

Gutter Stark® drainage capacity when the perforation is covered by residue:

% of the covered opening Drainage quantity (mm/h/m2)
0 755
20 687
40 625
50 537
60 469
70 396
80 321
90 221
100 63


These results were measured and certified by two independent laboratories – Intertek and CRM Rainwater Drainage Consultancy.


Robust & self-cleaning.

Gutter Stark® can withstand virtually any weather. An additional sealant has been applied to its aluminium as well. Even ice and snow don't stand a chance and Gutter Stark® can of course remain in the gutter all year round, unlike conventional solutions.

With “automatic” gutter cleaning.

Are you wondering how often you need to clean the gutter? You may need to have the gutter cleaned by a professional if your roof is hard to access. Gutter Stark® puts an end to constant gutter cleaning. The guard system does not sit too deep in the gutter, so leaves, moss and tree needles are blown away by a light wind of just 10 km/h.

Wind speed required to blow debris away from the surface of the Gutter Stark®.:

Dirt spread over 30 cm Wind speed
Dry leaves 20 minimal
Fir needles 200 8 km/h
Damp leaves 200 10 km/h
Pine needles 100 10 km/h

These results were measured and certified by two independent laboratories – Intertek and CRM Rainwater Drainage Consultancy.

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